Which Warrior Are You?

  • ocean warrior ocean warrior

    ocean warrior

    The eldest brother and leader of the five, is an old soul who fights for the protection of the ocean and all of its inhabitants.

  • porky warrior porky warrior

    porky warrior

    Happy and social, he fights for high quality food and lots of it.

  • beefy warrior beefy warrior

    beefy warrior

    The strongest of the brothers. He lives by healthy eating and fights for all to walk the healthy path.

  • chicken warrior chicken warrior

    chicken warrior

    The youngest and cheekiest of all five Warrior Brothers. When he’s not getting into trouble, which is almost entirely rare, he fights to do the right thing for all earth’s creatures.

  • veggie warrior veggie warrior

    veggie warrior

    Earthy and calm, Veggie Warrior is the organic brother.

Question 1: What is your favourite Wasabi Warriors Product?

Question 2: What pet do you prefer?

Question 3: What is your favourite time of the day to eat sushi?

Question 4: What is your ideal holiday destination?

Question 5: What's your favourite sport or recreational activity?